Dean Brothers Inc. Core Values


Company Culture

A healthy environment is required for empowerment, achievement, and success. To be sure, this also includes trials, accountability, and standards. That is where growth, development, and progress are experienced.

Dean Brothers Inc. embraces the challenge of providing a healthy environment for our employees in order to produce at optimal performance for our customers, community, and families. This culture is reflected in our core values.

These core values are the fabric of and a direct reflection of the people who make this company such a successful force in the industry. They are the compass by which we guide this vessel, approach our craft, immerse in our community, and engage our customers.

We believe that our company culture reflects our core values. In the same manner, the core values of Dean Brothers Inc. reflect the heart of our company culture. They are one in the same. They identify who we are as people and reflect what we do as tradesmen.

Adam W. Roberson, Ed.D., M.Div.
CEO, Dean Brothers Inc.



Of extreme high quality
At our core, every aspect of what we accomplish is done with excellence to achieve distinction.


Contribution to the well-being of others
To our customers, our coworkers, our community, and our families, we function in the space of service as we empower those around us.


Firm adherence to an ethical code
Doing what is right in all that we do even in the absence of an audience or of praise is the honor that comes from integrity.


Preservation of deeply rooted strength
When we remember and revere the traditions of our roots, we protect and celebrate the strength that comes from our heritage.


Diligence in the pursuit
We press on toward the goal through persistence as we continuously seek to improve our methods and accomplish our goals.


Analytical creation of pioneering solutions
Imagining the impossible and accomplishing the unattainable is the realization of innovation.  


Dignity and satisfaction in quality accomplishment
Having given our very best no matter the circumstance, we take a great deal of pride in our craft and our trade.